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We are slowly building up a contact list of volunteer drivers from all across the North East. During the busy spring and summer seasons it is difficult to go out to every casualty. Generally we ask people to bring small animals and birds to us but in some cases this might not be possible and we require a volunteer driver to step in and help. We never ask our volunteers to attend road traffic accidents or difficult rescues. If you are interested in volunteering please drop us an email. We can provide equipment, training on animal handling and travel costs.

Do you know of a business or an individual that would like to sponsor us? It can either be a one off donation of money or goods or a regular contribution. We are always in need of animal feed, animal bedding and materials for the construction of outdoor cages and aviaries.

We have several large scale projects on the go at the moment that are looking for extra funding. Click here to find out more.

We are looking for people who don't want to work hands on with animals but would prefer to run a fundraising group, organising and carrying out fundraising events. If this appeals to you, please get in contact with us. Some ideas include hosting a coffee morning or a garden party. How about doing a sponsored cycle or dog walk? What about a pub quiz or wild bird bingo? There are so many things you can do to raise money. Get a few friends together and just have some fun!

Our biggest need is money. The running costs of The Wildlife Haven amount to thousands every year. Any donation no matter how small always makes a difference. Click here to find out more about money giving options.

Do you have any items that we could use here at The Wildlife Haven? We get through many household items such as kitchen roll, newspaper, bin bags and towels on a daily basis. Click here for our full wishlist.

Some of our more specialist items of need are listed on our Amazon Wishlist. Everything from syringes to feeding bottles and aviaries. Click here to be taken to the wishlist.

Do you have an old or scrap car that you no longer want? By donating your vehicle through the 'Give a Car' scheme, you could raise money to help us continue our work with sick, injured and orphaned wild animals, at absolutely no cost to yourself. Click here to check it out!

Would you be willing to have a collection tin in your shop or pub? Or maybe you would like to approach shop owners and ask if they would be willing to have a collection tin. Either way, if you would like a collection tin please get in touch, or if you would prefer, you can click here to download the label and put it on your own tin.

Remembering The Wildlife Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in your Will is an amazing way to help us continue our work rescuing sick, injured and orphaned animals from across the North of England. Click here for more information.

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