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N.B. - The Wildlife Haven is a small rescue centre run by a single family, from their own home. The Wildlife Haven is run completely voluntarily. By calling, emailing, writing to, messaging, texting, or getting in touch with The Wildlife Haven by any means you are agreeing to treat the volunteers and family members with respect. Rude or abusive callers, of any kind, will be refused service.

DO NOT bring animals to the centre without first calling as you may be turned away on arrival, and DO NOT enter the property without first being invited. As has been previously stated, The Wildlife Haven is run from a family home - any unexpected callers will be assumed to be trespassing and immediately asked to leave.

Please understand that not every member of the household is involved in the running of The Wildlife Haven, and as such we would ask you to be respectful that the centre is first and foremost a private family residence, on which the family kindly allows the running of the charity.

We would also ask anyone bringing a casualty to the centre to please be respectful of our neighbours. Please do not park over driveways or host loud conversations during unsocial hours. Please pay attention to the directions you will be given before arriving, and do not knock on neighbour's doors to ask for directions.

Thank you.

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