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If you have found a wild animal and need advice please ring us on 07772 871833

Basic first aid advice for most animals in need of care is to place them in a softly lined, secure box with a source of direct heat, out of the way of children and pets. However, every animal has different needs and advice must be sought from an experienced rehabilitator before proceeding with any type of care, such as feeding.

It's important to remember that some wild animals can be dangerous, especially when in a vulnerable position. Please make sure that you do not put yourself or anyone else in danger while trying to help an animal.

If you have any concerns regarding the capture of a sick or injured animal please do not hesitate to contact your local wildlife rescue centre. Attempting to handle a potentially dangerous animal without experience could also cause further harm to the animal.

We advise people to keep the number of their local rescue centre in their mobile phone contacts in case of an emergency.

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